Purge not happening but showing in event log multiple times

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my purge has been due for several days now. i have been logging on and waiting for it every day. yesterday i noticed on the event log that its listed as something thats happened multiple times everyday on and off for pages of log .
however the purge has not happened yet and my meter is still the same level. anyone else got this?
im on ps4 server euro 3053

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Hey you mast Chance the Location i mean run to other Location and the run back, or close the game and restart. If i have your same problem then i make this and work for me.

About purge :
Question - How many players that server has and how active they are…

Even i play on PC, some guy there has same issue but thats not bug or something, and if so then, the more players are on server, the less chance u get purged, that is , if u have first bar of purge its less likely u get purge ( 25%) + how many players on server has same meter, they can get purge too, purge i think is based on officials by time, so check out purge timers in settings of server . and when it can happen the purge will choose one player from all server with 25% chance on first bar 75% of 2 bars… when it start to another player, u will never get purge in same time,( atleast that happens on server i play) so maybe that server u play on, u have full meter, but maybe purge just choose another player while it can happen? i remember my first purge… like 7 days in row nothing, then started and bugged on 1 wave :smiley:

My clan and I experience this same issue as well. We returned to our official server a few weeks ago to find that our purge has been broken. We have two different versions of a broken purge. The first, and most common one, is that for 4 hours our event log will show a purge starting, ending and then starting again. Event log shows it starting but nothing happens in the game. It will end roughly every 5 minutes and start up again 29 seconds later. We are unable to build during this time and other clans are unable to raid us since they cannot place bombs due to the build restrictions. The second issue we have seen is that the purge will start as normal, however, when we engage the enemies they fall into the undermesh to never return. With the first issue our purge meter will remain full. We experienced this for about a week straight. With the second issue our purge meter does drop back down. The biggest issue with this broken purge is that we are unable to obtain purge thralls.

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