Purge pathing is still very buggy, purge spawns inside

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: NA
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

I have an extremely approachable base surrounded by land on all sides. I have had several purges that found it without issue. After some extra construction (mostly just vertically) the purge now decided it should spawn inside my base on the 2nd floor instead of walking on the ground.

Seems like the Purge prioritised your new additions instead of looking to your base as a whole and targeting the outer edges as is intended.

It’s random.

And the filters which are supposed to negate in-base spawn points are broken.

This is a bug!

I can understand the original motivation here: the purge should affect all players, and players that try to circumvent the purge should be punished. Considering how error-prone the code is at determining when players are trying to circumvent the purge this is a very unreasonable stance to take. Log the failure of the code, review the logs, improve the code.

Punishing players for the game dev’s mistakes is not a reasonable solution. This kind of callous nonsense can be ruinous to player experience. Personally I can handle some stupid broken purges, but it is very annoying that I don’t get a proper purge and interior base repairs after a bugged purge are incredibly cumbersome. This is how you drive away players and reduce the popularity of your game.

Additionally, the game has evolved over the years. In Siptah the Convergence Trap gives players a long-requested way of managing purges. It needs to be made available in Exiled Lands. I want to get purges, but not broken ones that spawn inside.

Spawning inside may not actually be because something is broken though.


The bed (sleeping mat) should be on the ground floor, even better - outside, in front of the main entrance. This minimizes the spawn of purge on the 2nd floor (in my experience).

This is the wiki that describes observed behavior, not developer notes of intentional design. In any case this behavior is absurd and ruinous to player experience. It should be changed. My base has multiple open entrances (gates and doors that are always open) and the walls touch walkable ground on all sides. It is extremely accessible, hell it’s ADA-approved! Every single wave spawned inside my building.

Thank you I will try this! I think I did recently move my bed to the 2nd floor so this may be an invaluable tip! (Also: this is insane. Oh, you want to have your bed on the 2nd floor? I think we’ll spawn a purge there!)

Still ridiculously bugged! Another purge inside my base on second floor. No luck with the bed at the front door tip.

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Of course not: Purge pathing is still very buggy, purge spawns inside - #3 by TeleTesselator

If some purges can path correctly why can’t they all? I had a yeti purge and beast-tamer purge both spawn inside my base, tonight I had a cimmerian berserker purge spawn on the ground and walk to my base.

My purges walk into rock formations and get stuck, ignore clear paths. They also only target my first base.
I wish funcom reworked it completely.


Yeah, it’s currently the aspect of the game that needs the most attention IMO.

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I don’t know what crazy logic is in play here but it is so annoying! Build bases in various areas hoping to get a variety of purges and find the purge always and only targets my first base (I ended up destroying the whole place because hyena purges are garbage).

Fast forward a bit, I start dropping map rooms around the map, I get a purge notice, excited for a purge, check the map - it’s a damn hyena purge heading to my map room in the desert! Just a map room on the smallest platform! Sighhhhhh, bring one thrall with me to slaughter hyenas for 20 min.

I am going to be as honest with everyone here as possible with what my feedback is in regards to the purge system. This is solely my observation and opinion, take it how you will but at the end of it all I want to be supportive here in whatever way I can. From what I am seeing as this has happened in two different locations, the purge system is very much still not fixed. At the island to the south (J-5 on exiles map) where my base was located at first, we have had the spawners not work at all and not showing completely even after all the horn sounds have went off. After awhile they came up as one or three people. Out of the 5 or 6 times we got the purge it only worked as a mob ONCE. When we moved our base to the jungle (O-6 on exiles map), it got worse. Out of the ten or eleven times, three worked fine. They spawned outside no problem, until second or third wave when they started spawning inside upstairs in our storage room. After that is when we tried to make improvements (Adding foundations instead of pillars), still they spawn inside the base. To add it there, what is said to be spawned in are not at all what spawn. We had Black hand announced to be attacking, and they were undeads. Honestly its becoming more of a headache than an enjoyable battle. We have the time have to prep for if we are going to have our storage or benches attack because of spontaneous spawns and hope to god it isn’t a three skuller, which has happened as well inside. I’m not typing this as a jab, this is honest feedback in regards to the system. It isn’t at all what it is meant to do but instead moments of hell and waiting for the bleeding to stop on all that we have worked hard to build. Having been seeing we are not the only ones but it is still something to consider, hopefully this is beneficial somehow but that is my take on it.

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