Purge problems!

Why is the purge value slowing down for active players and clans? For me, this happens once every 7-8 days, unlike other server players that are cleaned every 3 days. I do not agree with these settings. I want cleaning to happen more often and faster. I am a very active player and perform many different actions every day, but the counter almost stands still.

It’s 7-8 days for me, too. But when you say “other players” are you referring to other players on your server or on another? Also, if two players have built bases in the vicinity of each other, if one player gets purged the mobs will also attack the nearby base. It’s happened to me. One day I logged on and some of my base had been destroyed, but my purge meter was only half-full. Later I found out that another player not foo far from me had been purged and that some of his mobs had hit my base. So maybe it’s possible that looks like 3 days is just two players being hit by the same purge.

I know what cases you are talking about. But I play 2000 hours and I can confidently say that my meter moves more slowly. I paid attention to this a long time ago and would like this problem to be solved as soon as possible.

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