Purge - Same Waves Every Time

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug | Performance
Server type: PvP
Region: US

Typing this up to maybe do a gathering of information to see if other people are seeing the same problems, and if so, to help Funcom get some more data if needed.

In my Single Player testing, depending on the region, I only see the same Purge event occur over and over. If at the very southern area, known as newbie river, then its always Starved Exiles. If at the north by the aquaduct (F9 is where I tested it), it’s always an outcast of Vanir Chieftains. And when I say always, I mean always. In my testing, it was 20/20 attempts of Starved Exiles in the south, and 20/20 Vanir Chieftains in the North.

Are others also seeing this problem? If so in Single Player, and/or on a Server?

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I have made a bug report about it. We are sick and tired of Starving Exiles on a private server with no mods. We are happy that, since the last patch, the show up dressed.

To add to this, Volcano and the Dragonmouth area seem to only get Bandits. Triggered 15 purges and all black hand exiles. Could be bad luck but… that’s really bad luck.

Yesterday’s experience:

Got a Purge of Starved Exiles; the Purge decided to hit my base near Camp 24, even though I was in my base near Pagoda of Boundless Lusts at the time the Purge was triggered (I hadn’t actually visited the Camp 24 base since the big update) - so there goes the proximity-in-single-player theory. The Camp 24 base is also my least developed base, although it has one peculiarity - it contains one building that is not attached via a “road” of foundation blocks to my other bases. This was also the base which the Purge favored the most pre-patch.

First wave of Exiles came from the bottom of the cliff against my elevator; my lone Lemurian T3 fighter killed them all before I got there to rescue any named people with my truncheon - even though I jumped instead of using the elevator.

Second wave of Exiles came from both sides - some of them against the elevator shaft at the bottom, half walking the path topside. I mugged and re-educated a Zavek and killed the rest on the topside, then went to help my fighter at the elevator, only to witness her murdering two named warriors.

Third wave came the same way. No-one worth saving on that wave. Gave my Lemurian fighter a pat on the back for job well done.

Fourth wave came… not. Its start was declared, but no-one showed up. I ran around like a headless chicken in all directions, trying to find out where they had got stuck. Found no trace of them. The local wildlife looked at me with innocent puppy-eyes. Eventually the Purge was declared defeated.

Now, since all my bases are connected I cannot be entirely sure whether the fourth wave spawned somewhere else completely - my defenses everywhere should be sufficient to kill a handful of Exiles even without my contribution, as proven by the MVP Lemurian warrior - or whether it had simply spawned somewhere in the undermesh and eventually got bored and despawned.

Side note: they were modestly but properly dressed; the leaders were even wearing pieces or armor.

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