Purge settings on official servers are?

Hi guys,

On my server purge was set to 0 times a day and the other setting was 0. Basically keeping it off, my question is how many times a day does it go on a official server and how many waves also when it says a day is that once a day in game or in real life?

From Official Server #403 (PVE-Fast US)

And how many times a day refers to a real world day, not in-game day.

Level 6 and lasts 30 minutes? That’s brutal.

Just went through a wolf purge that was 10 minutes at level 5 and it was pretty crazy. But we barely have steel tier on that server.

yes, it is crazy in officials XD.

If I understood well, its disabled during weekdays, right? Since it says from 00.00 to 00.00.

Also, the purge preparation time, means we have 10 minutes to prepare? I heard it warns you via horn and text?

Shipt, my official server is gonna get purged today at 18h, and of course no steel or anything. I wouldnt mind a purge, but I think it will be like 300 times what Im prepared to face haha

Maybe I can try to distract em for 30 mins fighting, dying, lurin em here and there? xD

I bet it would be if not for two things

  1. It is a PVE-Fast, which means you gather resources quicker then normal.
  2. Building is allowed during the Purge. So you can just replace / repair broken pieces as they get damaged or you can try to trap singe mobs in “murder halls” and kill them one-by-one.

RIP people on official servers lol

Playin on official pve fast server since a week or two. Purge timer says it runs from 00.00h to 00.00h in weekdays, which I assume is deactivated , and saturdays and sundays from 18h to 22h.

Purge meter been full, but I think nobody in server experienced a purge.

When do purges happen? I know they are set in brutal tresholds, too much for my liking, but now its even worse, as they are activated, with a set time, but not popping when said time comes.

I have read in patch notes / dev post the set time is in LOCAL SERVER time. Im playing in a deutsch server, so the local time should be the same than mine.

No purge happened.
Know what? My guild has been playing most of the whole weekend, so we played in all “local times” possible xD and no purge at all. We starting to demolish abandoned buildings, expecting purge to happen to us easier the least bases there are, but still nothing.

Its not like the Purge mechanic isnt ultra flawed in PvE servers, because as I said in several posts, pve thralls cant be left to defend, given any other player can kill them with more impunity than in a pvp server, but still. Purge not happening xD

We play on official server #214 (pvp mayhem) and had a purge on saturday ~9 PM. Good loot btw :smiley:

Official servers 1213 1214 1215 purge is not working. Couple of players have there purge meter stuck on the second bar. Checked settings sat and sun 18:00 to 22:00 nothing yesterday and today. Can you please fix it.