Purge is very rare

The Purge is very rare, since we’ve been playing more than 16 on the pvp 8 server since the last update and the Purge meter has been charged for a long time, but nothing.
Maybe this will not be changed yet?
And in connection with the defense, the slave is terribly weak, it is much harder to capture them than they can.
With good weapons and armor, they are weak and sneaky.

Check your server settings or have the owner/admin check them. There is a setting there to adjust the frequency of the purge. The other settings will allow you to customize the strength, duration, and time periods the purge can happen. You can also set how fast the purge meter fills. If the 1st two settings are at 0, the purge will not happen even if it is turned on.

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Even strenght at 6 and number of purges at 24 wont be enough. Just like I posted somewhere else, EU2 had almost 180 player a few days ago… I really think the number of purges should be flexible instead of static like now.

There has been an issue reported in the Testlive patch thread that indicated it was not happening. Possible it is an intermittent issue that causes the purge not to work. My advice is to report it as a bug.

How is it a bug when only 24 out of ~180 player experience the purge each day?
It’s more of an feedback how the current settings arent enough.
At the same time, having 24 purges on 3 players might be a little overwhelming.
This is why I ask if there is any possibility to have the number of purges being set to the count of how many players logged in the day before.
Also I wonder at which times the purge is started. I saw in the event log that there had been monsters killing some old base on EU2, but I couldnt see when.

As I stated,

Intermittent issues are bugs, just hard to duplicate.

If you are playing on the official servers. There are no purges during weekdays for all of the official servers, so no matter how fast you have filled them it won’t happen during the weekdays. The only time it will happen are on Saturday and Sunday, 4 hours each day. And as for private servers, you will have to check your purge setting.

I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing one yet either :frowning:
My time will come :slight_smile:

Hi All,
Same on my server, 1 purge in 2 days of grinding.
Have Gameserver Server.
Cant even get the Purge to reset to original settings.
He is Correct it is Hit and Miss
Thank You