Purge, funny fact - now 4 purges in 2 hours

So yesterday on my own testlive server i had some fun.
I’m used that purge mostly isn’t working for me, so i was surprised the first time i heard the purge-horn again.

Ever more next day, when an other purge was announced for my same base, then 10 min after the end, the next. And this wasn’t all. In 2 hours, 4 purges hit my base. Oh, still the same kind of purge though, lot nacked guy if human ones, and they have still lot pain to reach my base, ever with full land-access on both side. But still, purge was working again.

The fun fact is that now my purge-meter is still full, ever after a purge just ending. :grin:
Will see this week-end, but at least some action !

Great, I had it working only on single player changing the purge settings.
Did you change settings for purges per day and other settings or just let it to default?

just the default settings right now.

But yes, singleplayer it was also working for me long time, but stopped to after some patch, i think definively stopped with the pet-patch then.

Now on my current server setting, not sure if the next days will be same, maybe it will stop again to, and will try some other locations to see. But at least some fun i couldn’t experiment to much. :wink:

Imagine if all the Purges we haven’t had for the last months have been “saved up” and will now be hitting us continuously… could actually be kinda cool.

Yes, for the record, I’m very well aware it “doesn’t work like that” :slight_smile:

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yes, that would be fun, i must admit on my current game it’s bit that. Today again several purges, some i have seen, others offline ones. But i have only a handfull archers, and they defended the base very fine. Also they shoot at view.

I wondered about that myself. :slight_smile: I’ve played about 900 hours on SP* since release (sadly, I missed EA), and had exactly zero purges until yesterday. I was ‘reminded’ that I had left all the purge settings at maximum when the purge suddenly started working.
*For the record, I’m building a new PC right now to use for a private server. I just don’t even want to deal with gportal after reading through here for the past few months.
Also note that this is the first game in the past 30 years that has drawn me in enough to play more than 100 hours, let alone actually post on forums and, like, talk to people. :smiley:

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So double goal reached in a way, and the fun while gaming, and the socialisig part.

I must admit i love this world lot, and i don’t have lot games i realy hang on for a long time, that’s sure.

Let’s say, there isn’t only g-portal as server-host, there are tons around. But the thing is still also the price, you want a big good running server, you will pay.
Try run you own server, this may be fine if you have the needed updload-speed where you live. Otherwise it may be a pain to. Anyway, there still lot of good experiences, and still also fun doing it and learning stuff.

Good luck to you, and have lot of fun !

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