Purge Spawning inside Mountian

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: BUG
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: North America East

The purge seems to spawn inside the mountain by my base in the jungle. I even rebuilt the base to make sure from the top of the mountain every was connected and one structure and goes all the way down to the shore and foundations on the beach.

To be clear the enemies are not spawning on the base but inside the terrain where the only way to reach them is to turn on admin mode and ghost into the terrain of the mountain to find them.

This has happened twice now, once before the remodel where stairs going up to the top often had breaks and were not connected and once afterward where everything is 100% connected down to the ground.

Base is located just below the priate bay where the land juts out before going around the corner to the river it is up against the large island mountian and touches the sand of the shore

They spawn inside the terrain behind the base, at ground level, The most recent purge that spawned there was grey apes. The base is built up against the terrain with the terrain being the back wall.

I can provide pictures further pictures of the exact location if required.

Rest easy. You’ll soon have pets, and you’ll be spending much time feeding thralls and harvesting bugs. You’ll forget all about the broken purge system.

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