Purge stopped after building second base

I play with my friend on rented server and we build our first base near snow in the north… then hit us that its hard there for the begginers like us so we moved near the south river but when we was in the north purge attacked us 2 times so we moved and after that purge still happend in that old base mabye 5 or 6 times so we decided to go there and demolish everything to enjoy purge in our new base but after destruction of that base purge meter filled up and stopped its like this for 5 hours of playing i think… anyone know how to restore it? i try to turn it off and on but its no good…

The region immediately around the Noob River is a no-Purge zone, so Purges won’t hit you there.

I’m not sure about the exact borders of the No-Purge zone because I got a Black Hand Purge targeting my base on one of the islands in that river. This was a couple of years ago, though, so things may have changed.

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It looks like you are right :smiley: i build small base in the middle of map and purge came. But you need base at least 90 pieces big to trigger it :smiley: thank you for helping

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