Purge thralls drop carryable treasure sacks after looting coffer

Game mode (Singleplayer)
Game type (PvE)
TestLive client (Steam, Age of War CH2 revision # 534818/38326)

During a purge, thralls that make it to the coffer should celebrate and pick up a sack of loot and then carry it off. However, they arrive and grab the sack of loot (100 gold bars) and then drop it before heading back to the FOB.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Start a purge with gold bars in the coffer
  2. Let the enemy reach your coffer
  3. Enemies will take a bag of loot from your coffer
  4. Enemies will drop the bag of loot at their feet immediately
  5. Enemies will return to their FOB empty handed

Well what do you expect? A standard gold bar, as in the kind you might see depicted on T.V. when they show scenes of Fort Knox or something, weighs in at about 27.4 lbs. So they’re trying to walk away with a 2,740 lb sack full of gold bars.

So it’s no wonder they’re just dropping on the ground right away.

I’m pretty sure I heard Denis say they drop it to give you a chance to recover it.

Yes, that is correct. But if you watch the video, I do nothing to them and they drop it immediately. In the livestream they were full on carrying the other objects all the way back to FOB and you needed to cut their heads off in order to make them drop it.

edit - also in the livestream they did not show them carrying gold bars away, they mentioned that it would be cool to see but they only displayed carrying heroic treasures away.

Just an update, seems that any NPC that is below 50% will drop what they are carrying. If they have less than 50% before they pick something up they will automatically go into “injured now drop what you are carrying” mode and walk slowly back to the fob

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Maybe they stubbed their toe? :rofl:

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