Purge Type: A clutter of spiders bug

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Bug Description:

i had a Purge Type: A clutter of spiders and it spawnd inside base ontop of my aninmal pen even it had pleny of space to spwn outside the base whitch is the first bug!

But then it ended after the first ±10 spiders spawning so dont even think the first waive was done.

And all erlier purges on that base have spawn outside the base to.

Steps to Reproduce:

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  1. Step 1 guess its hard to recreate the bug whitout the same base build that i have.
  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3
  4. Etc.
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  1. It spawns in base on top of animal pen because it teleported.
  2. It teleported because it could not path to its selected target.
  3. It could not path to its selected target for reasons that depend largely on your base construction - gates closed, gate foundations do not have stairs to make the path through them traversable, something along those lines.
  4. first wave of a purge is always mandatory, it forces it to spawn regardless of whether it has a good external spawn point. but the second wave really looks hard for a legitimate place to spawn. if it seriously can’t find one, it will cancel the purge entirely. (You can see this in logs.)

Some tips:

  • Your base just has a very awkward set of spawn locations around it. It is for this reason that experienced builders will build a “test build” in a given location to see how the purge acts around there before beginning building in earnest.
  • #3 can happen if you have a large base and build another building on the interior zone; for example, if you build large castle walls with a large courtyard (castle walls: buildingidentity=1) and the interior building (say, a stables) is built separately, giving it a different buildingidentity. Each buildingidentity has its own % chance to be the spawn target, but if the purge chooses building2 as the target but can’t path to it because building1 (castle walls) is in the way, guess what, it’s going to teleport. The better building strategy there is to extrude a line of foundations off of the castle walls (buildingidentity=1) to form a foundation pad (buildingidentity=1) and then destroy the connecting line of foundations, leaving you with the same formation, but it all has buildingidentity=1 so they don’t get purged separately.
  • #3 can also happen if the purge has to jump. There are sometimes foundations that have tiny lips that your avatar can step up over or jump over but the purge can’t; in these cases, the pathing is foiled, and, being unable to reach its target, it will teleport. Solution: put stairs so that it can find a valid walkable path to target.

Understanding purge logic/mechanics will help you build in such a way that you can avoid the bs teleporting that funcom coded into its pathing.


1.But its was atleasy my 3rd purge on that base and the 2 b4 worked normal. So it can spawn normal and its nothing blocking in the poen area around

And closed gates and walls its kina the points whit gates to not lett mobs in direct. Im on a official server so its its no way to just test build on the server. They are suposed to atack the walls that exist, thats the point whit them?

So yes the purge was masivly buggd in all poseble wayes.

The base in on The N part of the lake in H8 so nothing is blocking on the flat area, and mobs have spawn from all directions in erlier purges.

And that base is not large, only 3 altar big. and not so big open spaces so it cant be that problem. And whit both rock nose and bearserker purges that come ther a proper defens wall is werry mutch needed to.

And the info on how purge works is quite limetd and not work every time.

Atleast when a purge bugs out like this the purge meter shud stay and not go back to 0% again.

After update, I had the same problem.

Exiled Lands (map)

Purge (A swarm of imps) attacked me from the inside my base (close to the animal pen). After the first wave it was over.

The strange thing is that it never happened like that.

My base in singleplayer is an exact copy of the base from the official online server. For years there was no problem with purge there. :roll_eyes:

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Bump, any respons…

Today, I tested 3 purges in a base that has no empty spaces inside on Siptah and everything was fine.
I plan to test the other Siptah base with an empty space - now some trees have appeared there, so it’s not really empty :smirk: it looks like i don’t care for the backyard/garden :sweat_smile:

Maybe the game has started ignoring the resource spawn distance settings again (and purge started doing the same).

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Sorry how did they spawn on youre tests runs? Yes maybe it can be the new resource spawn distance settings that messde it up sins it was my first purge after that change of distans. Exepte from one purge on a small solid wheall of pane and maproom outpost.

I managed to do one more purge on Siptah with a base that has large empty space inside (with a few small animal pens) and everything was fine. So it’s not resource distance settings.

4-5 waves each with two different spawn points, outside the base (as in previous tests).

Time for me to get back to Exiled Lands and do some more :crazy_face: crazy testing. But it might take a while now that the weekend is over.

H8 on EL is always problematic for purge spawn locations. Anywhere where there are mesh overlaps due to mountains/rocks/hills being overlapped causes them to either get stuck in the geometry or decide to teleport because they can’t path correctly.

Greetings everyone!

Thank you all for your reports and feedback.

We’ll keep investigating and trying to improve the purge.

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Thanks, i understand its not an easy task to make it work.

But i think if the purge dont find the way, atleast make it so the purge meter still are full.
It dosent go down till after the purge?

Except technically, by the time this is ascertained, the purge has successfully procced, so… :smiley:

unless it stops b4 it has successfully procced, or a jump back system.

I did 4 more purge, this time on Exiled Lands map (in the same base where i had problem with A swarm of imps before) and I couldn’t reproduce this bug.

  1. I summoned a purge in base with a Convergence Trap - everything’s fine :white_check_mark:
  2. I summoned a purge outside the base (in a starting safe zone) with a Convergence Trap, then I returned to base, the purge has begun - everything’s fine :white_check_mark:
  3. I summoned a purge in base with an admin command - everything’s fine :white_check_mark:
  4. I summoned a purge outside the base (in a starting safe zone) with an admin command, then I returned to base, the purge has begun - everything’s fine :white_check_mark:

I have no problems with purge anymore.
Just this one time, right after the update. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Last post from me here :sneezing_face:

Today (without trap and commands) I was attacked by the same purge (A swarm of imps) I had a problem with, in the same base. No problem also :white_check_mark:

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