Purge Went Away After First Wave

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PS4 Slim

Bug Description:

I have had a purge, specifically, a “bask of lizards” on section 5 E of the map. After the first wave, I received the message "a bask of lizards is regrouping…"but then, the one minute timer one usually gets in between waves did not appear. When I looked into my character page, the purge bar was reset, as if my purge was over. I waited but no new purge enemies came.

I have seen online that sometimes enemies get stuck inside the map, or under water, and this had happened to me before. But if you find them and kill them, then the purge will resume as intended, or will end after its time runs out. This was not the case for me. It abruptly ended without any messages of it having done so. This particular lizard purge, as I looked it up, is supposed to have two waves.

Steps to Reproduce:

Initiate Bask of Lizards purge at 5 E coordinates.

Finish first wave.

Get the regrouping message.

Nothing happens after this. No purge victory message, no new wave

Look in your character page and see the purge bar is been reset.


Purges onlyblast 30 minutes i believe. How long dod it take to defeatbthe forst wave?

There are some times it will bug and just stop after any wave or no wave at all.

It was a small wave. Three salamander, one crocodile and three people. It took me about twenty seconds to end it.

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I’ve had purges like that. Usually it’s the 1st and/or 2nd one. I thought it was a feature so n00bs like me could survive. :slight_smile:

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I’ve got an outpost in the oasis right next to where you can learn Mitra religion on Exiled Lands map. I went there to fight off Purge. I was told to brace to wave of Scorpions. Nothing came, yea I think it said that Scorpios are regrouping and SILENCE.

No there is something wrong on that. Regrouping text only happens when you kill the wave entirely. There was definitely a hiccup there.

I am fairly certain the bar resets as soon as the purge starts, not when it ends.


Hello there, thank you for the report. Our team is going to look into this and see if we can reproduce it.

Let us know if you encounter any other issues.

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