Purge won't start by itself or with comand

Hi there!

I have the Problem that the Purge won’t start on my Server, wheter I’m trying to use the Comand or waiting for it to happen. I would upload pictures of my Settings, but I can’t since I’m a new User.

These are my settings:

EnablePurge: Yes

PurgeDelay: 1

ClanPurgeTrigger: 2300,000000

PurgeLevel: 4

PurgePreparationTime: 10

PurgeDuration: 30

MinPurgeOnlinePlayers: 1

ClanPurgeTrigger: 2300,000000

PurgeRestrictionWeekdayStart: 0000

PurgeRestrictionWeekdayEnd: 2300

PurgeRestrictionWeekendStart: 0000

PurgeRestrictionWeekendEnd: 2300

RestrictPurgeTime: Yes

I hope someone can help me.

(Just a little information because I saw it in another topic, could the reason be that I only use the simple sandstone foundations and Walls?)

What command are you using? Like what exactly are you typing?

Why are you restricting the purge time to a schedule [RestrictPurgeTime: Yes] if you have it already set to 1 minimum player online [MinPurgeOnlinePlayers: 1]??

There are several commands to assist with initiating a purge, like: FillPlayerPurgeMeter, FillPlayerClanPurgeMeter, and StartPlayerPurge & StartClanPurge.

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