Purges not spawning, private server g-portal

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Europe]

[Purges do not happen. Tried reinstalling server and setting it to default settings and no mods. Cannot spawn purges even with admin commands]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start Private server
  2. Play game normally or use admin commands to spawn purges.

Same issue for me. It doesn’t even seem tied to the online/offline bug anymore … purges are just flat broken.

I’ve played for nearly 150 hours and never even had 1 purge… :joy:
I even changed the settings to make the bar increase faster and update more often but nope it just hangs there.
This game really should of been kept in early access for another 6-12 months. :tired_face:

If you are on a private server or in single player, there is a solution for it.

  • After restarting server/game (for instance after an update), make yourself admin and open console.
  • You should be the only person ingame and your minimum number of players online for purge should be at least 1, but if you sucessfully abort the purge nobody should be affected if its 0.
  • In admin console type FillAllClanPurgeMeters and check yours.
  • Next type StartNextPurgePhase and wait a few seconds to receive a purge message, Maybe do someting like build a foundation.
  • Right after message enter EndPurge and EmptyAllClanPurgeMeters

Tried, did not work, as I stated in my original post that even with admin commands I cannot get it to start.

What are your purge settings now? Can provide some screenshots please?

Where is your base located?

Purge settings are default currently, but I have tried at least 20 different versions.

I have tried doing building a 6x6 base in at least 30 locations, and 10x10 bases in 5 more locations. All locations have been with open plains on all sides for the purge to spawn more easily. I have used locations that I have seen purges spawn in youtube videos.

Also build one 30x30 in the flat area near sepermeru just to make sure the size wasnt an issue.

(This is besides the bases i built naturally, these are the admin ones).

After all the bases i built I filled the meter, and used startnextpurgephase.

I get no error message, I get no message at all. Nothing happens and the purgemeter remains full.

I have reinstalled the server once during this, just to make sure all settings are default.

Host server is g-portal so shouldn’t be anything wonky with the host.