PVE Server issues

Hello, been playing on unofficial PVE servers lately, mostly Siptah but one is old lands. I currently have or use 4 different private PVE servers and today one decided to go crazy. NPCS appear in a different place than where they hit you from, my thralls float about half body height in the air, I swim up to surface of water and still breathing is going down as if I am not on surface, I rubber band to everything inside and outside my house that I made i.e. forge, stove, shrines etc. Funcom asked me to post here so today it is a American Siptah server private but open with no mods, anyone else with these issue’s?

Not sure that its really a bug since the other 3 servers are not having this issue, any idea’s, and sorry I do not know the server admin to relay this issue.

Well, if it happens to 1 out of 4 servers it is safe to assume that the issue is either with the server or with your connection to that specific server. You can log there and ask if anyone else is having the same issues.

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