PvE Server looking for players - casual RP welcome



the reward is the journey itself.

This Server is sort of an experiment. A lot of Servers are all about fast progressing and /or heavily modded gaming experiences. This Server is supposed to be the opposite. The Server runs no mods, and most settings are vanilla.

Exceptions are:

  • long day
  • short night
  • idle thirst and hunger are majorly reduced for potential RP purposes

Discovery and Journey Step XP is not changed, which should allow for a smooth start off for the basics, and a much more slowed experience past Level 20. The Server is also flagged for Roleplay, in hopes of interested players, but it isn’t mandatory to join.

Purge is enabled. Times for 5pm UTC
The Server restarts daily at 7pm UTC

The Server offers 10 Slots at the moment, in case of enough interested players the server may expand as needed.

or search for: Doges of the Dessert - casual roleplay PvE

There is no password protection, and hopefully we won’t need that in future.

Thank you for your interest!

Hey, I’m interested. My discord is Avatar#5075

You can freely join. We don’t use discord though. I hope that is okay for you.

Yup that’s fine. :slight_smile:

I figured some things go without saying, but trolling won’t be tolerated, nor are character names that are of questionable intent.

The Server has still 4 slots for regular players.

Still room available on our server.

We are changing the XP progression, slow progression doesn’t seem to be too popular.
Also decay will be activated.