PvE Strongholds

What if players weren’t the only ones with strongholds? We have a lot of players that make strongholds housing all types of resources, but what if NPCs did, too? It could be like mini dungeons, or raids for single players. Could have small huts, something a little bigger, or for some castles.
Could have Sandstone for the lower level NPCs, and increase in difficulty as you go further into the world.
I think this’d be awesome, or am I too ambitious? lol



you likely are too ambitious… but some private server ask players to “donate” their bases when they would normally decay or ask players to make bases to actually be raided… and also don’t expect to get many comments about anything that isn’t PVP oriented… I have tried lol

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This could work on pvp servers too as long as the reward was decent. Have loot chests with a legendary or a t4 worker thrall. Ive seen alot of private servers do this though so i doubt funcom will initiate something like this for pve, although if they gave admin the ability to build an npc base…?

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