PvP and lack of sprinting attacks

So we all know that PvP in this game is severely flawed due to the unbalanced between spears/light armor and everything else. And how hard it is to actually finish someone off (impossible without a spear).

What we’re missing are the running attacks/chaser attacks. The combat in this game is pretty much dark souls, but without the run attack? Doesn’t make much sense considering how important the option to do run attacks is in this combat system.

Spear meta would be ended along with light armor because through a good read you could actually avoid the spear and counterattack/ catch them at the end of their roll.

People wouldn’t be able to just run and heal anymore.No I don’t think that kids running encumbrance build should be helpless, but they should definitely have to outplay the chaser instead of just wiggling the joystick a bit and sprinting away. The outcome of the chase could be decided sooner rather than 30 mins later. And as for the healing, the most aggravating thing in PvP is when you continuously dumpster on somebody over and over again but have no way to finish them off because they light roll, run away, and tea/haunch back to full . literally the only way you will ever kill someone is if they run out of stamina, get trapped, or get instakilled by your 7250 health captain wearing epic heavy armor with sword of crom. With running attacks, this would change.

!!!(make sure thralls CANNOT use running attacks)!!!

Different weapons should also have different running attacks, but maybe spears shouldn’t get one because it’s not really needed

To sum it up, being able to catch people and finish them off in fights is what this game is missing. This also in turn nerfs spears, because other weapons will be able to reach them. It might even make heavy armor viable because light armor doesn’t grant invincibility anymore.

(Also if you only play PvE don’t bother responding to this thread)

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