PvP Conqueror Guide


Both specs are viable. It’s a preference.


That doesnt answer my question at all. 2 different specs always make huge difference.


whats your primary language? seems to be a communication gap here


There is no communication gab here whatsoever. Just telling me both are viable without telling me what the difference doesn’t help much. If i am meant to have preference, i need to know the difference first.


I barely duel. I mostly do minis. Annihilate is great with FA9 for example. I fatality’d a ranger at 50% hp with that combination and in frenzy the other day.

Putting 4 points more in Defiance doubles the heal, which is nice, but not having Cunning Deflection is bad in my opinion because it’s really good for sin bomb, for example.

Burning Vigor can heal a decent amount for being passive, and 5/5 Blessed Blade guarantees the heal, which heals as much as BV, or more, and with +3% crit chance, apart from critting more, you also have more chances of keeping Art of War running.

Now, about Improved Frenzy Stance, I suppose you will do more dps, but I think there’s not really a big difference, because I think I have tried a spec like that before. With the spec I posted, I have no issues topping kills in some minis, and it’s still a lot more dps than Brute.


Alright you bought me. Gonna check it out…any way i can see when the festival is?


It starts in two days. It always starts 2 weeks after WB starts.


You will crit more with 3/3 fierce opening than you will with annihilate. It really is a great ability, but 3 minutes is simply just too long of a cd. Choosing anihilate over 3/3 fierce opening is more of a selfish play style.

There’s too much fairy dust (AoE) flying around in team fights for cunning deflection to to worth investing. Too many variables/ lingering damage that will negate the use of that in a team style setting.

Burning Vigor heals for too small of an amount to be worth anything, let alone it’s only magic damage that you get a “chance” to proc it. 5/5 blessed blade is overrated. Not worth the 5 points to be invested. And there is no need to invest into more crit as a carnage conq. It’s a waste of points to go anywhere in the brute tree. Art of war is always running.

Guarded frenzy is more for the penalty reduction while being in frenzy stance over the damage bonus.

You’re right, you probably don’t need it if you go straight for the easy kill in mini games, the low pvp lvl/ under geared toons (seems to be the “I’m good” theme around crom these days). But if you push on a high value target, the one you’re suppose to be on you know (the toon that poses the biggest threat to your team), you simply will need guarded frenzy because chances are HVT 1 is being protected by HVT 2 and 3.

I think I’ve tried a different spec before and I think I told myself that I think that guarded frenzy is a must. I think.


Erm…im still unclear on the soecs haha. I didn’t have ny pvp lvls and i am only starting proper pvp as well…


Alright. I believe you. No need to be sarcastic.

But what I don’t get is Fierce Opening having anything to do with crits. It just adds a tiny bit more dps to the dps of combo finishers, doesn’t it? I don’t see how Annihilate is selfish and Fierce Openings isn’t.


I’ve never seen a brute conq pose a serious threat to a team the way a Carnage conq has. When I see them do well it’s because they aggro lock onto one character until it eventually dies after 3 minutes of hitting them or if they pick on fresh 80s that don’t know better.

Burst of agression is the only redeeming thing about brute.


Why go into Frenzy at all if it is not for the dmg? Neutral stance has no penalty, so you will have a lot more mitigation and you won’t need the points in Frenzy at all.

Just a question, I don’t pvp a lot and I don’t play my Conq a lot :slight_smile:


Wow thanks dude


My interpretation on the point he was making on the feats invested in general tree is that you don’t get improved frenzy for the extra 15% weapon damage while in frenzy- you invest those points in order to unlock access to guarded frenzy.

Improved frenzy stance itself isn’t great, the feat that gives you 15% weapon damage (I forget it’s name) is better in every way EXCEPT that it does not unlock guarded frenzy, which itself is the only reason you ever get improved frenzy stance.

Carnage conqs main weakness is the susceptibility to AoE damag, especially in frenzy. Guarded frenzy is a nice use of 3 points to help conq with exactly that problem.

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Thanks a lot for this Guid Pato!

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If only all the Pvp players could read your post :grinning:


Even if I don’t play a conqueror, I found your guide very well written and instructive, even (especially) because it’s written with a teamwork perspective. Thank you for sharing.

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So for a beginner noob conq use patos brute spec , and bigballers carnege spec for kills?? For minis and mass pvp.


Brute can easily had more kills than Carnage depends of setup of enemies and allies. I played a lot in both specs (50/50%), but most of my minigames with 30+ kills I played in Brute spec.

It happens because your uptime in fight in Brute spec usually longer than in Carnage. And damage is also decent, especially if you will try to land every white hit to the enemies and keep your GoDs buff active all the time.


Brute is more new player friendly than carnage also. I can really over extend, over chase and over all play alot more aggressively in brute and not get punished for it than on any other class in the game. Damage on brute is still fairly high. All depends on playstyle imo