Pvp gripes, Baal Pteor Lodestone and the 2 handed axes issues

The Baal Pteor Lodestone hammer drains every part of stamina when no other weapon or concussion buff , wether it be tinker bench items or concussion oils make concussion viable in anyway in pvp.

This weapon takes all of your stamina completely. No other correlation can be made with other items when it comes to concussion damage for pvp. The hyper armor was taken away from single hand axe and sword which nullified alot of the point in using them. I’m fine with changes but the PVP seems to be punishing variety and different play styles in favour of one weapon meta every age.

2 handed axes with a running attack is making the learning of a weapons light/ heavy combinations ,skill and knowledge based use of weapons, completely redundant. Grit players lose strength and weight and all the perks that strength gives with the risk reward of being a more agile player. lodestone bypasses that and makes wearing strength 8 full piece meta the ONLY option in group pvp.

For some reason you added an aim boy system and took away hyper armor on certain weaponry. Now that aimbot is taken out but hyper armor for the single hand weapons has not seen a return. It’s made it a " run with 2 handed" game. I get new lead developers want to make their mark but this really isn’t making the game fun at all. Your punished for thinking outside the box when variety and risk reward for your build used to be embraced.

The game is still very fun but so many dedicated players have left because of the constant goal post moving in cheesy basic metas.

Twitch offered a weapon which gives players eldarium. I’m all for eldarium having an introduction into Exiled Lands but making it exclusively a hidden feature of a twitch weapon is wasting all the potential it has. I understand the dungeon weapons could be too much to introduce but surely a delving bench and all those weapons that just sit on a dead map could make the game more interesting on exiled lands. Perhaps a table in with the sorcery and a changing of the delving bench to bloodstone could be a way to introduce the delving bench into Exiled Lands.

Priest nerf. The priests seem to be extremely inbalanced.

Derketo was introduced and is one of the most unused gods. I spent days solely spending my nights after work trying to get a Derketo priest from the extreme limited spawn area. I’ve never once seen one over countless optimistic trips down to the temple to try and get one. Other priests seem to be nerfed as well. You have 4 tiers of priest for absolutely no reason at all. Instead of making the temple useless perhaps make the god farm a higher cost for risk reward. Instead of nihilistic RNG that just makes it redundant.

Age of War : what exactly has been added to make it an age of War ? The archer posts are a ridiculous farm , the fire cauldron is a ridiculous farm and now we hunt werewolves. I absolutely adore this game and hate being negative but if you’ve turned a Game Preview player with over a year of actual game time, who is optimistic about every age into a pessimist then things aren’t going well.

Kill barriers: the abundance of meshing. The jungle has turned into the epitome of a cheaters paradise. 2 minute timer on kill barriers is enabling net limiters to completely exploit the mesh to an absurdly easy level.

Suggestions from a humble player :

Introduce the delving weaponry and armors into Exiled Lands using bloodstone and a bench into the magic cave.

Make 2 handed axes running attacks a complete stam taker like the 2 handed sword overhand.

Make weapon effects viable again. Bleed and Poison to be given a 10 percent buff and concussion becoming a viable pvp buff. Perhaps the lodestone wouldn’t be so bad if other weapons could be turned into lesser options with the players chosen build enabling adtam draining weapons that perhaps does the stamina drain of perhaps 25 percent. Say a shortsword with a blunted fitting or a pike.

Create an agility sweeping spear. The sweeper falls right in line with an agility / grit style play but has no correlating weapon. Strength players aren’t using them so perhaps it could become an ‘agility pike’ of sorts.

Enable the throwing weapons to become strength/ agility adjacent. The throwing axe and javelin are both excellent ideas but not implemented by agility. Grit builds tend to be agility and using a shield with a javelin is fun. But having grit perks for the shield but the javelin being strength only is nullifying them to a play style that wants to embrace them.

:radioactive:* Correction* serpent man and obsidian javelins are agility at least . My bad for my take on that :radioactive:

My optimism is hoping funcom sees this and perhaps takes a humble players opinion into at least consideration. Keep your loyal players at least being heard because right now we are slipping away when we were always your biggest supporters. Peace.


I approve everything you suggest.

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Aw thank you dude ! Good to see some kinship instead of gate keeping. GG dude.

Just for the record it’s possible for anyone to get eldarium in Exiled Lands though certainly not as easily as in Siptah or from disassembling the twitch weapons. Obviously does no good without the recipes either way.

I wouldn’t be against bringing the delving bench, etc to EL but it seems very unlikely to happen.

Honestly, as much weaker as the delved recipes are than the vault gear, they wouldn’t be an issue.

In regards the greater topic, there is a lot to parse, but in short, many valid concerns.
But as this one understood, the vast majority of Javelins are agility.

The Lodestone doing such massive stamina damage is an issue. Are we certain it isn’t a bug?

This one would very much like to see strength based Shortswords and Katanas as well as agility sweeping spears. Is the some chicanery with illusions in regards to reach and move set, or are the two spear types not cross compatible for illusion? This one should check when they return home.

Dueling has always had issues, but they have definitely become more pronounced in recent updates. From the poke and roll meta to the mad lumber jacker, it’s been pretty extreme and mildly amusing, but also frustrating for those who give this matter gravity.