PvP tactics on Official PvE?

So I’m curious. To put in context, I’ve recently joined a EU official PvE server with @Marylambs for the heck of it. I’ve noticed there’s some odd builds on it, tons of weird foundation spams and large, ugly builds, etc. All that aside, I’ve been farming and leveling in the mounds of the dead the past few days (since we started the other day really) and noticed someone (no clan) in the last two days decided to build an ugly sandstone staircase across from the berserker spawn. Upon further inspection, I noticed it was placed in front of two clans’ outposts as a PvP tactic. The stairs drop off into a pit that is surrounded by fences. It can still be climbed out of if you climb the backside of the steps and drop onto the edge of a side fence. However, it seems pretty dirty to do. especially next to a popular site for farming. Is this something ban-worthy? Also, is this common on EU PvE servers? Seems pretty disgusting. On pvp, you could easily destroy it, but it’s as though it’s blatantly exploiting PvE rules to trap players for no reason other than ruin their experience.


I would report it. It is a purposeless structure for the point of a pve server. Its unnecessary claim at the least.


Agreed, however, with it being an unknown player, they are likely using an alt account, thereby bypassing any real consequences. Banning an alt account is a waste of time. All it would do is remove the claim. The only way to get by this is to place something in its place, which is what I’ve seen others do in that exact spot to prevent trolls from messing with it. It’s a shame that there’s people that just try to make the game worse for others… and it’s almost always on an alt.

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Just report him. Loosing an alternative account means that someone who paid 60€ cant play on officials anymore…

How many times untill they realise they just dropping their money in the dump will it take for them to stop trolling?


Yeah I say report anyway much for the reasons @Ragnaguard gives. If nothing else, its cleared off for awhile.

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Tbh, I suspect alt accts arent legit copies, but they are out some amount of money.

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My official pve server has been the target of pvp ptsd recently as well. A small group decided it would be fun to mess with us by building land claim spam and making the time they are online as disruptive as possible becausewe can’t fight back. The entire server went from lively to dead silent any time that clan logs in.

They probably got clapped so hard on the pvp servers they had to lick their wounds in pve for a while.

Counting the days until they get bored and return from whence they came. I’ve been brewing hoards of phykos rum to celebrate their eventual departure.


On PlayStation you can fix for free alt accounts! All you need is a different email for each account! The reason @jmk1999 do not see name is that he hasn’t a clan and sometimes it goes bugged and says no owner! But yes EU pve official servers on PlayStation has future pvp players and they use pve servers for training grounds! Using pve for training ground is not so wrong, you could always use pve-c, which is better, but these servers again has numerous issues!
Official to private, finding a decent server to play is difficult!

On PlayStation, any account can use the same game and dlc, so long as it’s on the same console. This guy isn’t out anything.

“Practice” on a PvE server is useless since anything you do has no repercussions. As I’ve said, building an ugly trap makes no difference outside PvE since the PvP servers can destroy said “trap.”

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Isn’t that your goal?

you can buy conan exiles for 5€

Yeah, but I don’t wanna build right there just to block some asshat from building there again. I got better things to do than refresh a pointless land claim myself that’s only in place to stop someone else from doing worse. :expressionless:

that is interesting

can u plz provide the link of the webpage that i can buy a 5 euro copy plz?

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They should disable anti fence climb on PvE and PvE-C (enabled during PvP on the C server).

I requested this a long time ago, but not many players or developers seem to care enough.

If they fix this issue we no longer have to report these players (saves time for us both).

At least now you can suicide and summon your body via sorcery. Still annoying if you play IoS and lose sigils due to this…


The most annoying is when you die from server performance issues and you loose sigils! In official servers the only sigils i farm to use is the goblin-gremlin sigils and i use them only if i reach the pool on grey pools, because the south around the pools is always over builded from literally monsters and many times you crash before you get there. All the rest sigils just fill chests! When i finish the pools, if i manage to farm an hour the fractured citadel, then i don’t care if i die and loose sigils! I have enough ??? for many surges so, mission completed!


Yeah this is why we need a better east, west and north biome in IoS haha
Its like always overbuilded in the South

I’m in luck though, I don’t have the crashes but the fps is low, just like at the Sinkhole in EL

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Then they can climb into your base before PvP times start and catch you off guard.

But nowadays you can do that with bat anyways. Just remove anticlimb all together, it’s useless now, lol.

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Na, the most annoying thing is when you GET BANNED because of poor server perfomance and lose your account.