3827 PVE-c needs a overhaul

Before I get started, I will say there are some really great amazing builds on this Official Server …

But, when the builds start affecting my interaction with the game mechanics such as not being able to interact with NPCs (mounds of the dead), not being able to finish Journey tasks such as reading all stones, builds over bosses.

This is a PVE server with a bit of fighting. Come on guys. Leave your gates open. Can’t go anywhere up north without running into a wall that doesn’t need to be there.

Way to many unnecessary builds.
New players should be aware. It’s going get frustrating.


I agree. I play on a PVEc official server on PS4 and there are plenty of examples of unnecessary builds. One guy blocked off every route into the North from the East side of the map, so that the only way North from there was to teleport to mounds of the dead, or run to the centre of the map and try to access from there. Another example, I built a moderate size building on an island on a lake and this super annoying neighbour built a giant wall within metres of me all around my base…like why? There are just so many examples to name.
What can you do? The decay system was a saving grace. When they get bored of being jerks and leave the decay timer meant eventually they go away. But Funcom switched that off now…
Let there be grief and chaos I suppose…!

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Hallo. Melde diesen Spieler bei Funcom, dass verstößt gegen die Regeln.

I have been roaming around 3827 for a few weeks.
I havent travelled all the way North yet.

There are quite a few large builds.

A lot are well built and aesthetically pleasing.
Some are built in common blockpoints on the map in a friendly way, to allow all Exiles access to the area.
Others are built in not so friendly ways, either blocking several squares of map with one contiguous structure outright, or making access very inconvenient.
For example there is a structure built on 3827 that begins at the cliff top with the Sentinel statues border the desert/savannah, and Highlands. This struture runs uninterrupted nearly all the way to the Broken Aqueduct. By my estimate it surrounds 4-6 total squares of map space. I found at least one way into the area, but it was not convenient.

There are several clans that have built an ungodly amount of Altars (wait fot it), and Vaults as land grabs. There is also a fair amount of foundation spam for territory buffering. There are some structures and Thrall/Pet placements that directly block or engage NPC camps/spawn points, which makes acquiring these npc’s as Thralls nearly impossible.

That has been my experience on the map from Set City to Buccaneer Bay , and most of the area South of that line.

As a side note, When did building your clan name in skyscraper sized letters become a thing?

I stream most of my gameplay in 2 to 3 hour chunks daily, if you would like to see some examples of what I have come across in my travels Rollotomozi on Twitch


I tried 3827 once I scouted around all north is pretty much all brimstone everywhere I went to 3829 but that is getting bad due to the fact that any peaceable such as campfires sleeping bags even jars and vase stay permanently due to decay being turned off, I wish my main server was up and running

I will report it for sure. But we know that progress in this regard is very slow. I guess I am expressing my frustration here. Thanks for your reply.


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