Quality of Life improvement - feats

It seems lots of people don’t like using the yellow lotus potions (YLP), mainly citing what a pain it is to re-choose all their feats when they do. As somebody who uses the YLP loads I share their pain. It would significantly improve the system if there was a ‘buy all’ button, so if you’re buying the epic armourer feat, you can use ‘X’ to buy the perk, but you don’t have all the tool perks you need, so you now have to L1 back to the tools bit, then buy each feat individually upto the one you need. Then R1 back to the armour page, back to the epic armours feat, but then oops you didn’t buy the standard armour feat, so back up to that. Now finally I can buy the epic armour feat.
But a ‘Buy all feats needed’ single button option would cut that out. The layout of the feats sub-menus is still a bit all over the place, especially when you have learnt lots of recipes, but this would really help. It could even show the feats cost if you wanted it to - I never get close to spending them all before I drink another YLP but other players might get close and so it could be helpful if it said “this will cost you ‘X points’ leaving you with ‘Y points’ remaining” or somesuch


PS English player so it’s armour for me :slight_smile:

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Yeah that’s true, although I think people will have to reset their feats eventually anyway as you can’t afford them all. And it doesn’t make the feats menu system any less bad to use!
This would be a simple and effective little QoL improvement which shouldn’t be too hard to implement (I think) and would help lots.

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