Quality of life patch next and nothing else

We need a quality of life patch that focuses solely on fixing the bugs, thrall AI, rendering, etc.
We don’t want extra add ins, dlcs, new crap next patch, just quality of life.

We desperately need one and each new dlc before a quality of life patch at this point is just a slap in the face to your players (your killing your own fan base like this)

If someone on the dev teams says “let’s add this as well with the quality of life patch” please slap him repeatedly

Quality of life is all we need right now, that’s it that’s all.

Honestly if we don’t get one soon it proves a lot about the devs…seriously



And how do they intend to pay for it?

Wasn’t this last big patch a bug fix patch? I agree though bug fixes should take priority over new stuff.

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