Query about Mods, Versions and checking same

So tried to join a game with mods, only 4 installed the last one is version 5.5.5 both in the steam list and the game list. Yet it is showing as a wrong version? I figure maybe the new patch has something to do with it but unsure, anyone else have the problem where both versions match but still not being accepted? Also can anyone explain why it takes forever (or seems to) to do a simple verify of the versions, its almost acting like the connection between Steam and Fun Com is on Dial Up. Thanks

Redownload the mod, usually fixes it.

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When it says “mod name 5.5.5. Wrong version 5.5.5” thats because they updated the mod name to include 5.5.5 and the version on the server is 5.5.5 and you probably have 5.5.4 which is the wrong version

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