Query on agent support

I leveled an agent to 50, Crowley-Mathers, who adds 650 attack points if used as a support agent. My combat power when I used her increased by 35, from 869 to 894. However my IP didn’t change at all, remaining at 523.

Since IP appears to be the best index of DPS (isn’t it?), or at least the most used, does this increased combat power really do me any good in terms of damage dealt? If not, why use the support agent at all and, if so, why doesn’t using the agent support bonus improve my IP?


Not really.

Any damage you do scales with combat power. So, yes.

For reference, IP = item power. An agent’s bonus isn’t an item.

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Item power isn’t really a measure of anything except which level of dungeon you can queue for. :v:

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To add to it. IP changes from Talisman, Weapon, Glyph and Signet levels. It is a poor number of DPS, because your DPS also depend heavily on the kind of build (Actives and Passives) that you run, and how well you use them.

Combat power will help increase your base damage across all damaging abilities

It’s also only comparable if your gear’s evenly leveled up - eg. if you’re using a red 70 or a green 1 offhand fist, it doesn’t actually change the damage you deal if you’re only using it for savagery, even though it’s worth about 140 extra IP. Whereas if you did the same swap on your main hand you’d lose upwards of 40% of your dps.

IP is just for getting into different tiered dungeons and for epeen waving contests. The same as any other MMO with item power ratings.

Thanks that clears up a lot!

So is it best then to say that combat power – maybe coupled with glance reduction, crit chance and crit power – is the best indicator of at least potential to do damage?