Query on managing divergent builds, DPS vs Tank

Now that I’ve developed a strong DPS character, I envision a different build in which I play as a Tank, with an entirely different set of powers.

Does the Build Manager support such a divergent setup?

For example, the Tank build would use different weapons than the DPS and some of the same and some different talismans, but in all cases the glyphs and signets associated with each talisman would be entirely different.

Could this process be carries out via the Build Manager and if so, where would the unused glyphs, signets and talismans be stored when that build was idle? Would they go in the Bank or be stored elsewhere?

Alternatively, is this beyond the scope of the Build Manager and would creating a Tank make it necessary to set up a whole new character?


You would need to make separate talismans for that, which you can then store in different builds.

Thanks! So are you saying the builds actually store the unused talismans and they don’t count against your storage space?

The build manager just remembers what you have equipped for a specific build… Everything not equipped will be in your inventory and count towards storage space.

The build manager can not access your bank, only your inventory

No, everything you want to be able to equip needs to be somewhere in your inventory for the build manager to work. It doesn’t pull things out of your bank.

Fortunately, if the talismans are setup properly, you can get away with just one set for both tanking and damage and never have to worry about swapping those.

But for tanking and DPS the talismans have to have entirely different glyphs and signets, Devastating and Fierce vs. Stalwart and Evasive, right? So wouldn’t you need two separate sets of talismans, or would you need to keep the different glyphs and signets in your inventory and the build manager would swap them when you entered the alternate build?

The build manager cannot change the glyphs or signets attached to a talisman. You can only do that via the upgrade window and it’s extremely expensive to recover them once you get to mythic and legendary level.

The good news is that tanking works just as well with a full set of dps glyphs and signets.

No. Currently, tanking with crit & crit power glyphs is perfectly fine. Some people consider this offensive, some think of it as a blessing.

No, the build manager only swaps whole talismans and weapons. If you want a different setup of signets or glyphs, you either need to make separate talismans or pull glyphs/signets out manually and put in the glyphs/signets you want every time you want to change (DO NOT DO THIS, IT’LL RUIN YOU)

Hahaha! I can see: it would be a nightmare, thanks! The real answer then, assuming one wants a different glyph/signet structure, is to do it on a whole new character.

Appreciate your clearly laying out the complexities.

It’s not as clear-cut as that, either. A new character means extra “free” inventory and daily keys, but you’ll also start from scratch as far as progression goes. It’s much easier to level up a second set of gear on an already-geared character with access to higher level content.

No that’s not what they meant, its just different sets of gear that may on may not have some common pieces.

For example I have a full set of dps gear, when I swap to tank I only change my weapons and 1 talisman (soon to be 2) which I built for tanking, plus I change my Anima Allocation of course.

The same goes when I want to heal, I change weapons and a couple talismans plus AA.

Those changes will be automatically done by the gear manager, equipping the needed gear and putting the uneeded in your inventory.

Since Anima Allocation was introduced playing different roles has become much easier. As far as tank is concerned you can tank with most dps gear, the only real problem are the neck and finger signets (neck most important) if you dont use the same weapons for both roles. I suggest you to start making a new neck talisman with your main tanking weapon of choice signet, then plan from there.

In this game there is no needing of making new characters if not for MoF farming (I never made any)

Just a note; while it’s true that tanking can be done fine with crit and crit power glyphs, you might find it makes you pretty squishy and highly dependent on a skill rotation. Defense and evade make you less dependent on skills to stay alive in all but the very highest dungeon elite levels.

That’s even clearer: gratitude for these nuances! I think I’m getting the idea…

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