Question about challenge rewards

When you complete a challenge you can press square to redeem the reward.

How do you know what exactly the reward is?


Completing the challenge only gives you XP.

The rewards unlocked are in the Battle Pass. Most of which require you to pay $10 to get 1200 Crom coins to unlock the battle pass.

There are some free items on it, but it’s mostly junk as far as I can see. The worthwhile stuff requires you to unlock the list, by buying the Pass.

You get 1200 Crom coins for clearing the Pass, which can buy the next Battle Pass.

So far, each Rank on the pass seems to require 1000 XP earned.

To clarify the above post: the XP reward isn’t character XP, but Battle Pass progression. The amount of XP you get is shown on the top of the challenge card, with a possible multiplier (you get five of those each day). Yshtola is correct, every 1000 challenge XP you earn you progress one level of the Battle Pass. It has 60 levels in each season.

If you don’t buy the Battle Pass, you will only be able to claim the free rewards (and only if you complete enough challenges to rach those levels), but on the plus side, you can complete challenges and progress through Battle Pass levels even if you haven’t yet paid for it, so you can complete challenges, see how far you get before he season ends, and then pay for the Pass if you feel the rewards are worth it. No need to invest in advance.

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