Question about picking up building pieces

I read that if you pick up a building piece then anything that falls down above it will also go into your pack. However I also read that you can only pick up pieces that are full durability so what happens if the piece you pick up is full durability but the pieces that collapse above it are not?


At the moment the ‘pick-up everything on top’ part of the feature has not been introduced - it sounds like that element is actually going to be for a later patch. At the moment it is just the ‘normal’ pick-up one piece at a time style that is working (and, as far as I know, is the only part expected for 2.6 when it releases). Your question raises a very good point - I’m wondering if that might be the reason for the delay to that particular feature, lol.


what about vaults and wheels? do we know if we will be able to pick those back up as well

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I haven’t tried a vault (give me a few minutes - I’ll go check) - Wheels don’t seem to have pick-up enabled, nor do temples (map rooms do, but I’m pretty sure they already did)

Edit: Ok, so vaults don’t seem to have pick-up enabled either. Seems to be just main building pieces they’re going for right now.


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