Question about , "vanish from plain sight", under Sorcery

I have question about “vanish from plain sight” in the Sorcery description on the 3.0 page. Is this vanishing moving or unmoving? The reason I would ask this is I would rather not have the Conan version of rogues from World of Warcraft on PvP servers, PvE have at it.


From what I’ve seen it’s not a perfect invisibility spell. Another player should still be able to detect you, at least in good lighting. Thralls, though probably won’t react unless you’re standing right in their face.

Fine, as long as I can still direct them to “attack that target” with a command it won’t be an issue.

It’s early to say…
Still, from the little we’ve seen so far, spells take some time to be done, so escaping a fight that already started will be difficult I guess. This feature will be really handy for scouting and even in pve you can use it. What I mean is getting to a hostile camp and search for named thralls - workers, without aggro the whole camp.


That would make sense and prevent too much advantage in pvp at the same time.

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in pvp will probably mean get past the guards and into the vault room though! so @Sairdontis is correct here… stuff that r to be implementing needs gentle setting in order not to end up with another broken instance of this game…


There they are !! Get them! No idiot they are over there ! How could you not see them or smell them that close to you ? They were right in front of you! Thrall: Sorry master, they must have had better programming than me.


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