Bring in stealth/sneak stats

crouch is ok and visualy you can hide kinda, but, a skill that made you go camo and gave you sneak attacks/backstab abilities would be great. like onlu under special conditions like hiding in a busch or something what do yall think?

I don’t know. Being kinda invisible seems a bit strange for PvP


yea thatss why i said camo, like a blending, not truue invisibility through skills but a lil something, mostly i want the sneak attack and back stab


I think I disagree with this. Without sorcery, I think this is not a good idea. Which is to say that it IS a good idea if it requires sorcery/spell to utilize.

I find crouching and hiding behind objects to work fairly well. Knowing when to move and when stay still is important. Not wearing bright colors. Moving in the dark. Not using a torch, etc… All good things I like about CE. Becoming invisible because some RNG test or obscure skill said I could, I think is pretty bogus.


indeed, i think invisiblity should be a spell they bring in that lasts only a few sec or something

oooooo or have it slowly drain all mana while active
same with stealth have it drain stamina for balance

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