Stealth suggestion

A few stealth suggestion

Vision related

Crouching mechanic to work for humanoid Npc by lowering aggro radius. If possible only behind the npc out of the their cone of vision.

When in a night cycle/ sandstorm/ smoke bomb an Npc’s cone of vision is reduced. Mitigated by light sources.

Craftable aid
Camouflage - Crafted temporary armour overlays in the form of a ghille, making you look like a small bush for a duration of time. Eliminating the aggression radius when not moving. Different types for different biomes.

Sound/movement related

Armour penalty
Naked - none
Light armour - stealth advantage removed when crouch walking at max speed.
Medium armour - stealth advantage removed when crouch walking to fast.
Heavy armour - stealth advantage removed when moving.

Craftable aid
Armour oils crafted at an alchemy station. Gives armour the stealth property of the class below it.

Smell related

Only needed for Non human npc making the assumption that the animal Npc’s have stronger senses.

Scent masking - Alchemy potion that reduces aggro range of animal type npc and allows uses of the stealth system.

Only needed for the undead under the assumption that they have a supernatural way of sensing the player.

Life masking - Alchemy potion that reduces aggro range of undead.

Sorcery related

If sorcery is implemented this would be a nice tie in.

Invisibility potion - Alchemy potion that grant short duration of invisibility.

Smoke bombs - similar to the arrow version.

Combat related

Crouching attacks from behind on full health npc give increased crit chance and armour pen on first hit with daggers
Plus one more stack of bleed/ poison.

Simple pressure traps when triggered adds a full stack of bleed. Last only a short duration when set.

Follower related

Follower will crouch with you, eliminating eliminating any aggro on it.

Building related

A few wall hanging foliage with different types to fit the biomes.

Fake landscape placeables such as small rocks and small trees.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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