[PS4] A simple stealth system

I have many many ideas, but first things first. the number one thing that bothers me about this game is the lack of stealth. We have a crouch that’s useless and a few armor sets that say it’s for a thief, but you can’t hide from anyone, nor are you able to steal.

When I first started playing I though the crouch/sneak actually worked. I would crouch down, and move slowly towards an NPC from behind, but to my dismay all NPCs are psychic. I tried a few times, then realized they are all just reacting to distance. It was sad, and still is. After that it’s always “CHARGE” because you have no choice. Even at night in the pitch black NPCs just come running and know exactly where you are.

I would love to see a stealth system added. I remember playing AoC and the stealth was the player would totally vanish and only reappear after attacking. I think that’s a bit much especially for pvp. But what would be nice is a blur out. As you crouch down you fade and blur a little, like a transparency level of 50%. Making yourself really harder to see. Would work even better at night. You would be able to use this to hide from others if you are weak or injured, sneak around someones base, or sneak up and surprise attack.

With NPCs you would need to change how they aggro to players. I would like them to actually need line of sight to see you. The stealth transparency would reduce how far out they see you from the front, and by no means should they aggro to you at all if approached directly from behind. Peripheral vision would be another thing. Perhaps its just a cone of vision that starts from the back of the head and cones out to a certain distance. This distance is reduced at night and further reduced for the player if they are in stealth.

Then I would love to see some instant kills from stealth. Holding certain weapons would dictate the instant kill. Like a dagger would be the left hand goes over the face and dagger goes into the neck. the one-handed sword would be left hand on shoulder sword through the back. Axe would be a big swing and decapitation. I don’t really know, these are just examples off the top of my head. These instant kills could only be performed on NPCs of course. No instant killing players. lol.

I think this would bring a whole new dynamic to the game. It would be so fun. Imagine if you will sitting in the bush and NPCs walking right by you. You can plan out your attack strategy on a camp. You could stealth kill one of them and no other NPCs would be alerted to your presence, unless they see you. You could get rather close to bases without archers just immediately shooting at you.

That’s all I got for now, let me know what you think, and thanks for reading.


I really like the idea, and really appreciate your time to write this. Really hope the developers consider adding this to the game.

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