Stealth system idea

Stealth attitude idea

I see there is no stealth in the game and I hope something along the lines of this can be add.

Tier 1- mr. nobody: 25% less visible to NPCs
Tier 2- light step: mutes all movement noises.
Tier 3- shadow cloak: your edges are less sharpe and blend in to the background at night time.
Tier 4- ghosts breath: Your name is not displayed when you kill another PC
Tier 5-Back biter: strikes to the back double you weapons effect but lost once hit. 30 sec uninterrupted cool down time needed to regain attitude.

(I know some of names are dumb…)

Tier 5 would also help the under powered effect of the bow.

Now thinking about it more, the first tier seems a bit pointless.
My thought of how the points affect your stealth is on NPCs. The higher you get the less they confront you. So say you max out on this tier, you can basically walk into any NPCs camp or town and walk right up to one and they won’t attack you in till you attack them.
So tier 1 should be Animal friend: animals will not openly attack you unless you attack first.

I like that this isn’t asking for straight invisibility - I think the HP bar being visible when you’re damaged can be hidden by one of these perks. It feels a little dumb to see that a player is inside a building because your explosive jar’s AOE did 1 damage to them through 2 walls and a gate

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