I would enjoy adding a stealth mechanic to this game

As someone who almost always plays a ranger type character, I would have loved to see stealth/sneaking in the game. It’s reality breaking (I know, odd to say that since it’s all fantasy) that I can’t sneak up behind someone and stab them or shoot an arrow and take them unawares. But I’ve learned to live with the fact that no matter what, once you get close enough, the npc will know you are there.


I second this for PvE. But I wouldn’t for PvP…

It’s incredibly easy to make it so that a stealth mechanic would only work on npcs. In fact - I’d go so far as to say that it’d be less to implement that way. Against npcs-only it’s just effecting their detection AI while implementing it for against-other-players would require all sorts of stuff that effects how the game gets displayed for them on their client.

I’d be happy if crouching had a effect, and they did abit of animations for stealth kills.

PVE only.

PVP wise… crouching should really just remove name tag at certain distance, No need for damage bonus or stealth kills. It be people hiding in bushes with 2hands, or …shudders

Sorry had flashbacks to ESO Archer builds spamming snipe…

Yaaaaaas. I am 100,000% in agreement with this. There really should be a stealth attack mode. I mean, crouching should do more than just helping us escape from underneath overly friendly horses and rhinos. :wink:

And yeah, this mechanic should be against NPCs only.

I know you didn’t mean it this way but the general woes of the AI’s decision making process in the game as it stands currently has no bearing on what I actually pointed out.

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I don’t want any more mechanics AT ALL until the game is better balanced and major bugs are quashed.


Stamblades are fun.

But One can dream… :wink:

Would love to see such a server - at all - can you reccomend any?

They are, Or itlest I last played. My DE-Stamblade (Db’s) was my 1st Empress character.

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