It’s about time for some stealth

How about a stealth mechanic? It could be based off the agility stat, you crouch and you’re harder for npcs and players to see. Maybe get an initial damage bonus when attacking from stealth


Stealth mechanics usually require things like darkness and lighting to affect visibility in the NPCs. And are generally something that has to come with the initial development.

I don’t think a damage boost would work, because realistically there is little chance that you could actively sneak that close to an NPC to actually pull it off.

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Good stealth mechanics are lots of fun in any game. But I’m not sure how it could be implemented into a game with strong PvP elements. It would also require a lot of retooling in the AI to give them lines of sight, hearing, etc. to make the stealth feel realistic. The games where you can “sneak” in plain sight because your Stealth skill is high enough feel stupid.


For stealth, I’d like…

  • Sprint Crouchwalk (like a lot of games have)
  • Crouch harvesting with any tool.
  • Really anything that you should reasonably be able to do while crouching.
  • Thralls following to crouch when you crouch.


  • The inability to hear people swimming underwater, unless you yourself are underwater.

There are other things of course but I can’t recall all of them at this moment.

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I rather have sorcery before stealth.

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Maybe they should just add a stealth suit to the game. You know, the ones with the neon lights all over it and night vision goggles that shine like spotlights and glow in the dark fasteners. Not to mention an internal voice unit of some kind that loudly and clearly announces things like “Stealth system activated” or “Alert: Enemy detected”. I hear those things work really well.

@Glurin so we are going old school metal gear here huh:joy: @Rlesley74 as much as i’d like more interaction available as are as play style concerns i don’t think it’s as possible with this style game… again not saying i wouldn’t enjoy it but just don’t see it… i’m that type of player btw one who like to hide poke an npc with an arrow and then slit their throat but i don’t see it being possible here…

Well if you want to be harder to see we do have a variety of dyes in the game already, many of which can probably be used to match your cloths to the colors found in various biomes… (And of course I have been killed because a player did manage to sneak up behind me while I was whacking away at some stone…)

As for being able to sneak up on NPCs… With all the AI stupidity we have I’m not sure if that is feasible…

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