Need a stealth mode for the character (no noise)

We need a stealth mode for the character, it mean no noise.
Because when you are trying to hide or scout an ennemy base, you must be silent and not make noise when climbing or jumping !!!
This is really a problem sometimes.
An in game option to check “silent mode” will be great.

Yes I like to camp bases entrance, wait for them to exit the base and enter before the doors closed :slight_smile:


You really are a pvp freak aren’t you girl :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Somehow I like your suggestion here, we have so many outfits that are just decorative. One of them should be at least for this purpose. I believe it would be really nice wearing this armor to walk carefully in the biome unnoticed from the mobs too.
If, only if this thing happened I would love to have accuracy bonus so archery would be a vital choise for new starting.
Ofcurce in archery perks headshot should be in the very first perk Lethal to most of mobs or npcs.
But now I ask too much :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Good idea, could kinda use the crouch option to enter ‘sneak mode’ a bit like Skyrim. Only downside is how slowly you move.


New Dragon Born DLC pack for Conan Exiles 3.0 - Sorcery


I have already loot some bases like this.

(outside raid time, because of thralls)

  1. you need to be in full encumbrance with food, water and ingredients to craft the midnight potion.
  2. hide and wait for them to leave the base, enter before the doors close.
  3. loot everything you can or hide in the base and loot later to get the players inventory too.
  4. escape with the midnight potion (need an alchemist bench in the base) or when they open the doors …

This is the best raid ever, when hiding in the base you can watch them like little mouses!

This is why we need a stealth mode :slight_smile:

(They will be angry against you, so … hide your base!)


I can imagine them coming here and complaining about hacks :rofl::rofl::rofl:. In any case you know it is impossible to hide a base, there is however some points that are not so easy for someone to think of that you might have a base there, still it will have to be something small and in this case you are just a good programed attack to be totally wiped.
Solo pvp is difficult to the point of stupidity sometimes. You just can’t solo pvp anymore, it’s over.
The only way to solo pvp is to be a horse master assassin, but I don’t use horses for fighting, so I don’t participate in pvp servers anymore. My best farming place is unnamed city in exile lands, horses made sure that I can’t farm there anymore, so I don’t need to participate in pvp servers.
Back to the topic, it is dangerous to bring a lot of frustration and complaints here, but I support the idea, this is an alternative way for new players to have a chance against old, so I like it.

Sneaky-Selene! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Can’t help but imagine their surprise! Would have loved to see the confusion on their faces… Love crafty stuff like this.

That was fun I have not played Skyrim in year’s.

Hold a thrall rope in your hand as you walk around.

Or maybe we could just add a stealth suit to the game. You know, one of those skin tight body suits with super bright neon lights all over and a computerized (maybe demonic for Conan setting?) voice loudly and clearly announcing when you enter stealth mode or when there is an enemy nearby. :grin:

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For both PvP and PvE, I would love some sort of stealth system. Maybe something like, hold down crouch key and it consumes a moderate amount of encumbrance (for balance maybe? I dunno just tossing out ideas) and your name tag is invisible and NPC’s do not hear footsteps. Or something like that.


As long as you can see HP bars through walls, it doesn’t matter anyway

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