(Question) Building on black ruins


On various servers there is a persistent rumour that buildings and decorations in and on black ruins inevitably lead to performance problems.

I have not found anything on this topic here, nor on Reddit or Steam, so I am happy about every answer that might help me.

Of course, I would be most happy to receive an official statement on the subject.

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Not that i’m aware of, some of them are just better places to build, defensively speaking. They won’t lead to decrease server performance, they haven’t in my experience at least.

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I would say whoever told you that is greatly mistaken. It doesnt matter where you build in the game, its all the same.

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I heard this before on another forum, do to several of black towers and building being presistant at long distances. And they would load in stuff attached to them.

Never noticed it myself… so kinda just ignore it. On Ps4 anyway.

Sound like someone was mad people were building in hard reach spots… and made up something to counter it. I could never find any truth to it.

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