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Question: My buildings also deteriorate if I am also out of the game for a long time on the single player or was it a bug that happened to me?

In Conan exiles there is a decay system to all placables… so yeah all buildings/placables have a timmer on them . A repair hammer is needed (as i see u r not on pc) to view this timer… the timer starts from 1 h to max 168hrs (depending on the build tier, building pieces, what u place on them etc). So u need to be logged and make sure that timmer has been reset once per week to sustain ur builds (if ofc u reach max timmer), or before the timmer reach zero…

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Amount of time log out in SP, has no effect on timers. The world is basiclly “paused” when not playing.

As Ragna mention, grab repair hammer and go about your bases.
You can also go into Admin Setting for server. (one of last pages) to turn off Building and thrall decay.

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