Question: How to deal with toxic players on PvE environment?

I was playing on a South America PvE server yesterday, and i was farming for thralls/xp on New Asagarth, when a player declared “Mammoth invasion on New Asagarth”, and when i saw, he was luring a mammoth all over the city, wiping all of the thralls of the camp, and inciting the mammoth onto other players. (i was too low level to be there at the time, 20 - i admit that i wasn’t completely right by being there at the time, but since it was a PvE server, i didn’t think i’d have too many problems).

Turns out that he started teasing the mammoth to rush me, and i ended up dying.
After calling him out on that, he said that if i couldn’t handle being there, then i should just move servers. I told him that i was there because i wanted to play PvE, not deal with idjits like him, to which he responded by trying to have the mammoth destroy my base (despite PvE server buildings not being damaged by outside sources/players). After a few rants on chat, i discovered through other players that this same person has done different sorts of “trolling” around the server, against other players, and wasn’t very liked on that server.

After all this story, the real question is: How do i deal with players such as these? Is there a possibility to open a ticket mid-game for a dev/mod/admin to check this up? Or are the forums the only option? I don’t have any means of recording footage of him doing that, and i don’t even remember his name, not that i care about that situation, i just don’t want to deal with toxic players on PvE servers. I just want to know how to report them, and keep playing my game.

I mean funcom isn’t a daycare, they can’t really do much about people being mean.
If the whole server hates him just band together and make him leave instead.
Put up archer towers around his base, do whatever, have fun with it :wink:

Isn’t behaviour like this supposed to be discouraged ? He only does it because it’s a non-PVP server, so he knows that there won’t be any retaliation, which is kinda disestimulating for us that are trying to just play our game… :worried:

Yes of course it’s not something that is enjoyable i just mean what can they really do?
I don’t think banning mean people will solve anything, at least in the current system they have.
Would probobly help if they ever add official server admins that could help out with on server problems like this.

Instead, they should find each and every single base of him. Then pool the resources and make a clan build two walls around him. One directly at the border to his landclaim, one like 10-20 foundations away. Both with anti climb on it. Hinder him from getting out of any of his bases.
Have some clan watch the desert if he commits suicide to start anew.

That, or you start to build in a way that he cannot troll you anymore.

Funcom has stated frequently that they will not moderate their official servers, so unfortunately you and those on your server will have to deal with him or ignore him.

Is that official, or are you just saying that because you are mad ? Like, is there anywhere that states that they’ll not influence the server in any way except for the patches?:joy: Because if there is, then i’ll ask this thread to be closed, for irrelevance :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That is Funcom policy on the Official servers that they provide for Conan Exiles … they will not moderate them … they have stated this in a number of posts… no anger here… I play on an official PvE and our playerbase “takes care of” people who try to cause problems … they quickly get the point that antisocial behaviour can be turned on them just as effectively

I understand. I didn’t think that i’d have to take matters into my own hand, since i’m a new player and don’t have much experience on playing the game/dealing with this.

I’ll see what i can do on my own, thanks for the input, and the help!

It sucks that people like this exist in the world but to be fair that player did spend money and pay for the game and spent time and effort to get to the level he is at like you.
He is playing his game you are playing yours at some point in online playing on the same server you clashed if people hate him it’s because the same reason.
If you get together with them and attack soon we will see him in the forums talking about getting ganged up on.
build a wall around him now you are the troll.
All wars start by differents of a pinion
This is why I play single player only my rules.
This is why Funcom won’t police there servers or really help unless the guy is racist, hacking or bullying you to the point of … well you get the point.
Funcom won’t tell consumers how to play their game they baught it they do with it what they want.

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I wouldn’t worry about him. He is in it for the reaction he gets from those he messes with. Probly to scared to play PvP.
There has been plenty like this on our server. Once they get ignored they leave.

Its a big blow to loose all your gear at lvl 20 but stick with it and its not so big a loss when you get to higher levels.

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Thats why i am playing in an official pvp server… you can retaliate so easily that until today I have not seen this type of troll in the pvp servers, yes there are cowards that attack on the noob river and cases like this … but you are free to give the change

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