Question on leveling system


I have been playing Mutant: Year Zero on Very Hard mode. One thing I seem to be stuck on is getting to level 20. I snuck past a few groups of enemies in the game. I guess my question is - what is the point of sneaking if you have to defeat enemies in zones to be the appropriate level for later areas in the game? Is sneaking only for positioning then? Overall great game and I am having a lot of fun. Thanks!

Same problem for me on normal.

don´t sneak away…
the topic is to positioning then and kill some enemys who are alone…

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It’s not so much about sneaking past enemies it’s about sneaking around getting as much loot as possible and picking off as many you can then getting into position for a big fight and then starting a fight on your terms.

What he said! :slight_smile: Pretty good summation of what the stealth mechanics should be used for.

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