Question to official PVE and PVE-C players that don't like the new mechanic not being retroactive

If you have been playing on an official PVE/PVE-C server for a long time (6 months +) and are still truyly active, what are you actually doing?
If you have 100s even 1000s of thralls/pets, and vaults full of everything you would need for 3 or 4 bases (if not more), what do you spend your time doing that you can;t go and get new thralls?

I am being serious. Some people say they play 6 hours a day on pve and pve-c, yet going and getting 100 new thralls is game breaking to them. I really don’t understand that.

And PVP guys, don’t think you get a pass on the same question. If the pvp was working properly, we would be having to restock weekly anyways.

As for Privates and SP players, it will be a setting, so people may get to keep their old thralls and just add more i guess.

Because getting fighters is a boring task. You have to level them anyway, which is the fun part of the new system…
So why not retroactive? Its not like this old thralls are lvl20…
Also its time consuming to wait until thralls are “broken”… (talking about offical servers. Not the instant break most private servers have - because, big surprise its stupid to wait ~10 hours to get them)

Also throwing away rare purge fighters is the next stupid thing…

Make it retroactive… The only reason Funcom is not doing it, is because its time consuming (you have to kinda migrate them from the old system to the new)…

Greater wheel resources should be handily available to the OG clan. May have to search 20 vaults of stash, but i am sure they can muster up at least 4. thats 32 thralls every 10 hours (that crafts while you are offline btw). If you log in 3 days in a row, play 2 hour to capture thralls and put them on wheels, you will have 96 thralls. And that is going low on the play time.

Even when this would happen, the outcry of PvP would be so big, that Funcom would reduce the dmg of the new thralls…

I dont think that thralls will get much stronger with the new system, because of PvP.

But I dont want to do that anymore… Have done that often enough in the past and now i get penalized for doing that!! And for volcano thralls you need more than 2 hours for 16 people…
Trust me, I have done that often enough… Hence why my base has currently 58 thralls where ALL are from volcano, except some dancers and 1 relic and 1 cimmerian.

YOU GET penalized FOR PLAYING the game!! How stupid is this whole idea??

The limits are another story i agree.
But i think going low and then increasing to appease the players and still maintain stability will be done. If they went what they thought was max the server could handle, lets say 200 per clan, and found out it needed to be 150 in January, imagine losing 50 thralls you may have started leveling? Would rather be excited to add more thralls lol.

I can get more than 16 in 2 hours. now if you are looking for a specific one, then maybe longer. But when this goes live, there will be rush. some will get as many as they can. some will gather a few and start testing the differences.
For me, But in general T3 and above from the Volcano went directly in a wheel. And i use a thrall/love tap to help.

The great thing is if i get a dud now i can break bond and go capture more.

This will be game changing. But i think in a good way. There are always pains when what we know changes drastically. But I think most will agree, a more engaging mechanic of leveling thralls is a welcome new mechanic. How they get there may not be for all.

I´ll be honest: If a wipe comes, then that was it for me. Was a fun ride until then, but enough is enough.

I think this is sort of a soft wipe. Purges will now start doing their job and removing builds. Players will have to decide what assets to protect, and over a month massive ares of claim will start to open up as purges make holes that players either repair (use all that stashed stuff)or let decay.

As it all depends on the spawns, I highly doubt that.

Ok, yeah, then you get 16 in 2 hours… I have NO T3 thrall (only named).

No problem with that…

Just make it retoractive for thralls IN CHEST and raise the cap.

This hasn’t been answered yet. But i agree, if i haven’t placed it, then hopefully it will not count as a legacy thrall.

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That is a preference. the new mechanic makes some t3 worth it. Depending on how they level, t3 thralls take about half the time to break, and (Volcano) are pretty good for purge protection.

how exactly are you going to differenciate an old spinas from the new one?

whatmighthavebeen, do you play PVE or PVP?

Then i feel they will be changing that as well lol.

Breaking up may be the wrong thing to do. Who will refresh your base on those 2 week vacations, who will defend a purge if you are not online, etc…Getting more thralls is the only advantage i see. If i need something you may trade/drop me, i have to wait for you to log in. Plus, if both want the same build area, then who gets it?

But, i can break them to fill my quota to have some purge protection. When i am ready to name hunt, i can break bond with the ones i don’t want, and place the upgrade. And i don’t think taking a thrall out 4 or 5 times will max them. So max leveling all 100 will be a major accomplishment. Plus getting the metas will be a thing. Until they release a legendary thrall. then that will be something to strive for. I see replay value now in end game.

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