Question: Will There Be Some Kind Of Wipe With 2.1?

In any way, shape, or form will there be a wipe? Whether its a complete server wipe, or thrall wipe? Have the devs said if they will be rerolling all the thralls we currently have into the new system or if we have to go out and do new surges to the new thralls? Also is there an Official ETA date for the patch?

Funcom say no wipe on official server, on privat its up to the owners/admins.

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Official servers never wipe.

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From the stream last Friday.


Funcom: We fixed the texture on one of the cups
Community: OMG Wipes incoming!


Funcom: Yes sounds as a fun thing to implent but not a prio and needs alot off work.

Players max 2 weeks later: wher is that cool thing you promis, i quit!!! 1!!!1111


Snarky comments arent needed nor wanted on an honest question from a player (like me) who is relatively new to Conan and Funcom company. I was not aware of the information they already put out regarding a vow to no wipes for Official servers espeically when it comes to the “Early Access” Topic area. Ive played many early access games, in which 95% of them did do server wipes right before a full release in order to give new players a fair chance at game play, ect. So If you dont intend on being genuinely Helpful on the forums, Please do others a favor and unplug ur keyboard. Have A Blessed Day! :smiley:

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Relax mate you already had plenty of helpful answers

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