Questions about console versions

I seem to recall reading that the intention is that MYZ will be released simultaneously on PC and consoles. Is that the case?

Can you give a rough estimate when preorder on the PS4 will appear? I’m a turned-based tactical junkie and I’ve got money when you are ready to take it. :slight_smile:


We plan to release on all platform simultaneously, correct!
Unfortunately we can’t comment on any pre-orders for console just yet. :slight_smile:

Glad yo hear you are ready to jump in!

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I wish Console games was separate to PC. They seam to take much longer for development and the player who prefers consoles kinda often isnt the same “type” of player who prefer PC.

Launch the game for pc now, please =).

Well, if they do that, I already have my response loaded: “Thanks for beta testing this for consoles PC players!” slight_smile:

What “type” am I? The type that will throw money at any TBT on the consoles.

It’s not ready for launch, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Has there been any footage/impressions from the console versions shown ?
I have been unable to find anything at all besides the trailers for the console versions.
I really like what i have seen and would pre order the ps4 version but am always a little hesitant when developers hide or are reluctant to showcase there game,as it is often for good reason. The game looks awesome so i am unsure why it isn’t being given any exposure on ps4 and xbox.

I guess i will wait until i see some footage after it releases before deciding to purchase.

We’ve used the PC version for trailers and game footage clips because that’s the version we’ve had available here at Funcom when doing PR and marketing. We haven’t been hiding the console versions and we’re not reluctant to show them, it’s just been a matter of which builds we’ve had available to us when making trailers or doing streams :slight_smile: