Questions about Treasure Hoards

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It sounds like a good number of folks are having fun building up their Treasure Hoards.

What specific details do we have about the implications of amassing all this wealth?

I have been a bit reluctant to start building my own Treasue Hoard because I do not fully understand what the consequences of doing so will be in the later Chapters of the Age of War.

Any information related to this would be appreciated.

thanks in advance.


If we read the notes correctly, and if the trailer is accurate, and if the Livestream didn’t hold anything back, it appears that the Stygian army is coming to recover their treasures. Now, that’s a lot of “ifs”.

So, we built a new fortress just for the treasure. It’s all in there. If, as we assume, the army goes for the coffer, we don’t have to concern ourselves with a nice build getting demoliished by trebuchets. There will be no other coffers for our clan.

That’s how we chose to handle what we don’t really know for sure.

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FC plans to attack the treasure rooms with a more powerful purge, and the more treasures, the more powerful the purge will be. In front of your base, a Stygian base will appear with catapults that will destroy the walls of your base. Then the Stygians will attack. The outcome of the battle, as I understand it, will depend solely on the confrontation on the battlefield between the detachments of the Stygians and the defenders of the base.

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I also read in patch notes somewhere earlier that some treasures can be “stolen” idk if that is only on pvp or pve also so I picked them all up and put them inside. Treasure hoard will basically be the new purge mechanic. From what I understand is if you do not place a treasure coffer you will not be purged.

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