Questions of a returning player


Hello everybody

After returning from quite a break I have some basic questions on current meta and mechanics. Hope somebody feels like giving me some quick infos.

  • are attributes still tied to armor? (+ x strength on some armors, + y agility on others etc) or did they remove this with another system
  • what armors do you encounter most in PvP (I left about 1 month or two after black legion nerf)
  • is spear still meta?
  • did other weapons receive significant buffs to now be viable?
  • is archery still a joke?
  • are explosive jars still the only useful way to raid or have there been introduced alternatives?
  • is target lock-on disabled on most servers? (recently encountered some that do so)
  • is the axe-leap-attack (while having a shield) animation still buggable (you know, the trick in which you don’t do the animation on the enemy’s screen and suddenly float to him quite unpredictably)
  • are high agility builds still the go-to?
  • how much did they improve thralls (reaction time, behavior, viability in combat, etc)
  • are bosses still way too easy? (talking about farming keys for legendaries)
  • are legendaries repairable (is the t4 thrall now obtainable through the purge or does he still not show up)

I guess that’s it for the start, thanks for the answers.







Haven’t seen this one, but weapon glitching is wide spread

There is no use to farm any other then Black Scorpion - you can kill him solo in 5 seconds

Yes he is.

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Thanks for the message, but not what I look for. To me, a server is good if I can reach max lvl within a very short amount of time (honestly I would prefer to skip that poopoo entirely) and focus on PvP content. That is, building my base and going out raiding everybody else. That means, if I only have 20 ppl to raid, I’m done after 3 weeks (not including lvling up and building a base).

See Attribute - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

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