Quick Cheatsheet to [most] puzzles [SPOILER]

So I did my 6th run of the game (I aim the speedrun it) and thought some other people have some use for the notes I have by my side (not that I need them but just in case).
Feel free to make use of them if you want to speed through it yourself (which I recommend maybe for a second run…since there is a lot cool lore in the game) or if you are stuck.

P.S.:I tried making it so that people don’T get spoiled by the titles and should be able to view the codes and such seperate but Discourse gets weird when you stack commands…so no guarantee on not accidently spoiling something. If I should add something or work something out better just give me a sign, this is really more the barebone version based on my own notes.

Shanes PC Password: 0509
Solar Array (all three): pitch 41° yaw 110°
Water Reclaimer: Red 50/Yellow 90/Blue 100
Bookcase: 6-4-2-4
Energy Cell Satellite: 7357
Satellite Dish Fix:

Satellite Dish Fusebox Left:

Fusebox Middle (for moving dish, pc with contactnumbers would need the other connection)

Fusebox Right (Only active after fusebox middle):

Communication to base: -158/43
Elevator Volkova PC: 5538
Fusebox behind closed door:

Fusebox in conveyor room puzzle:

Room for hand in Icarus: 9510
PC Password Icarus: EDEN
Icarus Consoles:

Left console:
Dial until you go down to 20%
Slider Top 4 Bottom 3
(I love calling it the U…well more a reverse U but easy to remember and their is a hint for it left of the console)

Right Console: 512

Immaculate Machine puzzle:

Pillar 1, Cube: UP
Pillar 2, Left Cube: DOWN, Q
Right Cube: Q
Pillar 3, Left Cube: Nothing
Right Cube: DOWN, E

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