Guide/Hint/Solution for "A Match Made in Rosenbrawl" Tier 2

Proceed at own risk to have stuff spoilered. This is a makeshift “guide” until TSWDB has the mission guide:

In tier two you get an SMS that basically translates to counting the flames and that giving the meeting place.[/spoiler]There are 7 flames indicating the Septimus Room in the Tabula Rasa.[spoiler] There should be a Phone on the far end which lets you proceed.

The next step is finding the actual person.[/spoiler] The text on the phone from the last step gave you a pretty good idea how the person looks like and that they saw you walking past a fat man aka Rosenbaum. So you gotta look infront of the Tabula Rasa for the person [spoiler]which should be near a fence.

One little sidenote…after the chase of that person you enter a portal and fight them. This fight currently has a bug. Normally you would remove the ice stacks with all fireattacks but right now it only works with the fire cross. No ETA on the fix but probably soon ™ so don’T get to fustrated if you can’t finish the fight on your highest elite right now…that should soon be possible


I would break down tier 2 into a few more parts hint-wise. Still spoilers but not as directly “solving it for you”

First, you’re asked to investigate the machine again.

this means look around the machine until you find something to interact with besides SOULMATE.
More specifically,
if you look at the ground on the bottom left of the machine you should see an electrical panel. Looking at it through the fence may also help.
Once you do,

you get an SMS giving you 10 minutes to find someone.
It describes a number of flames burning in the secret world, and tells you to find the meeting place by counting the flames.
More specifically,
You need to leave the Rosenbaum Arena and look for a numbered room. If you haven’t used the Tabula Rasa before, talking to the concierge at the desk may help inform you.
That is,
there are 10 rooms available for private RP in the Tabula Rasa.


Thx for the feedback…I was a little tired yesterday but now that I am awake again got right to splitting it up as far as I seen possible.

Has anyone found Izzy Bearenstein yet?

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Yes! Like the flames message, there is another text message in the mission chain that is coded.

Specifically, the message that seems to be Isabela talking about when she was comforted by a “him.” Follow the numbers and actions spelled out in the text like you did for the “flames” portion.

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Thanks. I was too distracted by the Berenstain Bears joke to even realize there was a puzzle there.

I see 2 + 2 + 1 = 5 and to cry on the bed but nothing happened, do I need to still have the phone?

I don;t know about needing the phone, but I think you’re thinking too hard about the math. Read the text again, 2 is better than 1

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