Doing something wrong..still can't find Match Made in Rosenbrawl quest

So, as I understand it, I’m supposed to “kill” my love match, right? And then look behind that machine to get Tier 2 step? Except I’ve killed my match on 2 separate occasions and nothing behind machine. What am I not doing right?

I’m confused. Are you stuck on tier 2 after killing your match or are you unable to see/pick up the mission that’s right next to the machine?

The thing behind the machine is just hard to click cause the machine itself is in the way.

Any hints on how to get around it? I have not been able to find any way to interact with anything but the arcade itself.

Got it! I stood on top of the machine and found an angle downward.

Onevia - Thanks, that did the trick…almost. I usually pick the big boxing gloves which, of course, makes you big. This last time, I saw the circuit to target but no matter what angle I tried, I could only target the machine. I thought maybe I was just too big, so I switched to small gloves. Which cancelled the mission. ARRRGH.
Stupid quest design lol Maybe size has nothing to do with it, so I’ll just have to try again later with small gloves, see if that helps. Still, appreciate the answer, at least I know what to do.

I can consistently get it in this area while big. It’s important to stand at a similar distance, too far away doesn’t work.

Again, thanks! Finally figured it out and finally completed quest. There were some things I simply didn’t understand. When I targeted the Love Match and it said “use”, I thought that was giving me the quest. Clearly not lol By accident, I targeted the wire(?) which gave me the quest. Then after killing my match, by accident again, I targeted whatever let me “examine” the machine. From there it went, it was just a matter of doing the quest. You were a big help. I think I’m going to post my own “walk through” for those, who like me, are slow in figuring out things lol