A bit of clarification on A Match Made in Rosenbrawl quest. And the bear. (Spoilers)

This might be useful for anyone still confused by A Match Made in Rosenbrawl quest. As helpful as Leogrim’s post/guide was, there were certainly some things I didn’t understand. I admit I can be slow, and I know most of you have got this figured out. For those of us who are slow, though…

First, when you target the Love Machine in Rosenbrawl (w/gloves on), you get the option to “use” the machine. But “use” doesn’t give you the quest which was the mistake I made. I was told to look behind the machine, so I expected to find the quest target on the back of the machine. (I said I was slow), Rather, don’t directly target the machine, but instead move your cursor around just off the machine until you get the option for the quest. Don’t stand too far from the machine.

Second, then you can go kill your “love match”. When you do, you’ll get a message to examine the machine. Again, you’ll need to move your cursor around to get the option to “examine”. It might be a little tricky, so just be careful moving the cursor.
Third, go buy the Septimus key. Click on the cube - don’t go outside yet. When in the room, move around until you get the update to examine the cell phone. Easy to find. Then go back outside to look for the sender, not far from where you exit. Follow her and…well, it’s a bit of a challenge, but not to hard to figure out. Having the Fey gadget equipped will help. After you finish the quest, then you’ll be able to do the group main quest. Which I haven’t done so can’t say much about that.

For the bear, though others have mentioned this, get a Secundus key to get the bear. When in the room, get on the bed and /cry.


For the sake of clarity, this isn’t quite right. The investigation mission will send you into the portal to fight the boss in there. This can either be done solo, or as part of a group. There are no additional rewards for doing it as part of a group, though their is the “Speed Dating” achievement for your first time completing the boss as part of a full group.

Once the boss fight is over, a loot chest will spawn. There will also be another phone on the ground, (which, hopefully, you will hear ringing). You need to pick up and use that phone from your Mission Items to complete the mission.

After you have completed the fight once, a new side mission will be available beside the portal. This can be used to skip straight to the boss fight, where additional loot chests can be opened for the cost of one dungeon key per chest. The side mission has a very short cooldown, so you can easily repeat the boss fight as much as you want to.

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